Helping Children Make Positive Changes in Behavior, Attitudes and Emotions

Areas of Expertise
♦Behavior at home and/or school
♦Emotional outbursts
♦Sibling or parent relationships
♦Discipline problems
♦ADHD symptoms
♦Family changes
♦Grief and loss
♦General school concerns
♦ Adoption
♦Please inquire about concerns you have if they are not listed


Susan M Twyman, MEd, LPC, NCC, RPT

4231 Lake Cliff Drive
Clemmons, NC

The Yellow Brick Road Therapy Center

Is your child unhappy, sad, mad, irritable or scared?ADHD kids
All of the above?
Are you not sure what is wrong?
Is it hard for you to see your child struggling?
Have you tried everything you know?

If you are in search of answers, help or an objective point of view,
The Yellow Brick Road can provide the guidance you need.

We provide counseling for children ages preschool through adolescence and their parents.


Why The Yellow Brick Road?
Those familiar characters traveled the yellow brick road together looking for a brain, courage, a heart and home. It is through the journey that the characters find what they seek. It is not given to them. It is found from within. In counseling, clients look for positive change in thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, problem-solving, facing new/different situations, anxieties, emotions, feelings, and connecting with and getting along with others. The goal is for clients to create the changes and realize their potential by joining the counselor on the counseling journey.